18. Farm Babe, Burger King, Social Media, and Yodeling

The Farm Story Podcast Episode 18
Have you ever watched a commercial on TV and thought to yourself "Gosh, I wish they would have talked to someone in agriculture before they made that...?" I know I have! In this episode, Michelle Miller, also known as The Farm Babe, tells about her experience doing this very thing. When Burger King released a commercial that didn't cast a positive light on modern agricultural practices, she reached out to their marketing team to share her disapproval. Their conversations lead to a farm tour, commercial edits, and a positive relationship moving forward. Tune in to hear Michelle and Caroline laugh and talk about Burger King, Social Media in agriculture, and more!
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Burger King #CowsMenu Video (This is the full commercial! The caption and subtitles are in Spanish because Burger King pulled down the original one in English.)
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