23. Agriculture and the Holidays

The Farm Story Podcast Episode 23
Planning to spend some time with family and friends this holiday season? There's no better time to talk about agriculture than when you're surrounded by food and people you love. Tune into this episode to hear Caroline discuss ways to talk about agriculture at holiday gatherings, and why you should ABSOLUTELY be telling your farm stories around the dinner table.
Agriculture Children's Books & Toys
Welcome To Our Farm Life by Stephanie White
Farm Toys - Amanda Radke
Agriculture Kid's Activities
Agriculture Conversation Starters
1. "Do you want to see something cool I've been up to lately?"
2. "Did you go to the grocery store during the COVID-19 shutdown? Was there food on the shelves?"
3. Ask a family member who is also involved with agriculture how their year has been.
4. Ask a family member who is NOT currently involved with agriculture if they have any previous experience on the farm or if they have any memories from when they were younger and more involved with agriculture.
5. "Did you know _____ is grown here in (your state here)?
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