E1: What is This Girl Talking About?

The Farm Story Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to our FIRST podcast episode!

We are SO excited to finally have this thing up and running!  Our goal for the podcast is to build a community of agriculture – loving folks who want to make serious changes in the way the world views farming and food production.  In this first episode, you’ll get to meet Caroline and hear the story of how she came to start her business, The Farm Story, and why she decided to start the podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  • 2:15 Meet Caroline
  • 5:10 Caroline’s Story
  • 11:02 What is “The Farm Story”?
  • 15:00 How did you start the podcast?

Things mentioned during the show:

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  • Click HERE to find us on Instagram! Our handle is @the.farm.story
  • To learn all things entrepreneurship, social media marketing, podcasting, and more…check out Jenna Kutcher HERE!

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