E10: Taking Charge of Your Mental Health

The Farm Story Podcast Episode 10
Agriculture and mental health haven't always gone together very well...but thanks to wonderful people like Jason Medows, they are starting to hold hands better than they ever have before.  Our guest for episode 10, Jason Medows, has a passion for talking about mental health in agriculture and ending the stigma around it.  Tune into hear our conversation about mental health in agriculture, what to do if you are struggling, and what we can do to ensure we get through the Coronavirus pandemic.  This is a GREAT episode that you don't want to miss! Push play today!
Things we talked about:
Some ideas for helping yourself get control of your thoughts and anxiety:
  • Journaling
  • Exercise/running
  • Writing down 5 things you're grateful for every morning

Mental Health Resources:

Rural Minnesota Mental Health Support - www.farmcounseling.org 

Do More Agriculture Foundation

Val Farmer



Ag State of Mind Mental Health Resources

Connect With Jason:

Website: Ag State of Mind

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @AgStateOfMind

Don't forget TikTok too, you guys! Jason is a great dancer!!! 

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