E12: A Texas Cowgirl Goes Vegan For Lent

E12 The Farm Story Podcast
Just when you think you've heard it all...think again! In this episode, Caroline interviews Mayzie Purviance - a cowgirl from Texas who decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle for six weeks during Lent in 2020.  Tune in to hear all about how she tackles animal rights activists, consumer advocacy, going vegan for six weeks, and MORE! Mayzie is a ray of sunshine, full of spunk, and will keep you laughing throughout the whole interview. You don't want to miss this one!
Helpful Links:
Cowspiracy Website:
This website contains a graphic with all the sources they used. Most of the links are broken because they're outdated, proving that they're invalid.
EPA website related to Climate Change:
In the episode, we talk about false research done by the UN. We think that this research has been removed from the web (we were unable to find it!)
Connect with Mayzie:
Instagram — @mayzie_purviance
Twitter — @mayziepurviance
Facebook — Activists vs. Agriculture
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