E2: 5 Reasons We Need Consumer Advocacy

The Farm Story Podcast Episode 2: 5 Reasons We Need Consumer Advocacy

“Consumer advocacy” is a popular phrase that we hear in the agricultural industry today. We hear it over and over again, but have you really stopped to think about what it actually means? Or what a “consumer” really is? In this episode, we break down the definition of a consumer (beyond what Webster says), and the five most important reasons for telling our agricultural story.  We also talk about Harry Potter for a minute or two…so if you like wizards and magic wands, you’ll really like this episode! ;) This stuff matters, you guys. It matters A LOT. Hit play and dive on in!

Episode Highlights:  

  • 3:00 Varied Thoughts Behind Consumer Advocacy
  • 4:37 What is a Consumer?
  • 8:00 Five reasons why we need consumer advocacy (See below)

5 Reasons We Need Consumer Advocacy

  1. We need to give a face to farming and agriculture.
  2. Consumers are more removed from the farm now than they ever have been before.
  3. People trust people they know – in other words, they will trust you more than ANYONE else to tell them the truth.
  4. Agriculture education happens everywhere. It no longer only happens in the classroom.
  5. If we don’t have consumers to buy and eat our products, nothing else we do matters.

Things Mentioned During the Show:

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