E3: How to Build Your Confidence in Telling Your Farm Stories

E3 How to Build Confidence in Telling Your Farm Stories

One of the questions we get asked the most is “how do I build my confidence in sharing my farm story on social media?” This is a very tough question to answer because each person is very different.  Everyone has different roadblocks, hesitations, and fears to overcome.  We have compiled 5 general ways that you can get over some of your fears, as well as some questions to ask yourself to figure out why you have fears and hesitations in the first place. We hope this episode helps you overcome some of your fears and inspires you to take action!

Episode Highlights:

1:16 – Macaroni and cheese

1:35 – Hiring good office staff

3:30 – Two BIG questions to ask yourself

4:10 – Debunking fears and hesitations

10:00 – The blunt truth

11:47 – 5 ways to gain confidence in telling your story online

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