E4: The Queen of FFA and A Dirtbag

The Farm Story Podcast Episode 4

Do you own a blue corduroy jacket? Do you know what it means to stand by an owl, a plow, or an ear of corn? Have you ever stood in front of a crowd of people and shared your love for farming an agriculture? What about spending weeks and months out of your lives to study and practice judging chickens or cattle or horses or dairy foods (ew) JUST so that you can place higher at your next contest? Have you gotten on a bus driven by your TEACHER to go somewhere? (no, this is not Mrs. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus) What about activities like mud volleyball, camping trips, fishing, bowling, ice skating, movie/game nights, and community service projects?

Chances are…if you’ve done any or ALL of this stuff, you are a member of the FFA. It’s the LARGEST youth organization in the United States, and we might be a little biased…but we think it is the BEST youth organization there is.  This week on the podcast, we have a special guest with us.  Her name is Sydnee Mason and she is a good friend of mine and a HUGE fan of FFA. Tune in to hear her story, how her SAE project fueled her passion for agricultural education, tips for being a National Officer Candidate, and what to do if you don’t have FFA at your school. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!

Episode Highlights:

5:55 - Syd calls me a dirtbag (rude!)

6:55 - Sydnee's background and story

9:05 - What makes FFA so special?

12:00 - Sydnee's SAE and how it lead to her passion for Ag Ed

17:30 - National FFA Officer Candidate Experiences and Tips

23:45 - What to do if you don't have FFA at your school

28:00 - Rapid Fire Questions! The color orange, tator tots, and George Strait

29:40 - The biggest challenge facing the agricultural industry

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Facebook personal profile: Sydnee Mason

Instagram: @sydneemason

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