Social Media Can Save Us All

Hey, y’all! I’m SO glad you’ve decided to stop by for a second. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Jeeeez, that title of this blog post is SO dramatic!” And truly, you’re not wrong. But, hear me out because I promise I have a good point!

My name is Caroline, and I’m the founder and CEO of this business called The Farm Story. Around here, we focus on telling the story of agriculture online, and teaching you to do the same. Now, I know what you’re thinking…farming and social media don’t go together!! Like, AT ALL! Well, that may be true…but that is the very thing I’m trying to change.

I could sit here and type up all 1,500 reasons why (I didn’t count, but it’s probably close to that many) social media is CRUCIAL to our future in agriculture. You see, our story is already being told. Whether we like it or not, people outside of the agricultural industry are giving their versions of the truth about how food is produced. To put it simply, consumers are very curious. They’re curious about farming, food production, how it works, who does it, why we do what we do, and more. They want to know MORE about where their food comes from, and I can’t say that I blame them when I hear that they believe something I saw on the internet.

So, when I say “social media can save us all” I don’t mean that scrolling for hours and re-posting funny cat videos is going to save the world. I am saying, though, that I truly believe if we all told our “farm stories” online a little more often, we may be able to change the way people view agriculture and food production.

The way I see it, we can do something about it and tell OUR version of the truth, or continue to let it be told with a twist. I’ve started more than a business…I’ve started a movement and a community of people who are determined to do their part to make a change.


I sure hope it’ll be you!

Until next time,